Photo © Nathaniel Feis

L'heure limicole 
« Ici, la mer est boue, et barricade. »

Laisse (rejet apparent)
« Cette guerre tire à toutes les autres guerres. »

« Car arrivée aurait voulu dire: Reste, meurs ici. »

Feder: A Scenario
"Who lined the bodies up along the jetty? Tore the mouths of sea creatures, abandoned the iron desks, the submarines, the sunken levies. It was no one I'd met before, long-limbed, graceful and murderous, insatiate and free, in the way the unborn are free, infected with promises of disease, avid squanderings, a deadly peace." 

The Middle Notebookes
"It is possible, then, that more than anything, these Notebookes attest both to the commitment, and the eventual, though unlikely, prevention of, a murder."

Asclepias: The Milkweeds
"This is where the voice is cut."

Sotto l'immagine 
« Mais je n'ai aucune preuve du cinéma. »

Sisyphus, Outdone. Theatres of the Catastrophal.
"Then what is the relationship between obsolescence and the negative?"